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By on August 3, 2014
The Lethal Effect by L.J. Sellers

The Lethal Effectby L.J. Sellers


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Previously Available as The Suicide Effect

Sula Moreno knows too much. Working in public relations at Prolabs Pharmaceutical, it’s her job to put a positive–and profitable–spin on the company’s products. That includes the exciting new antidepressant Nexapra, the linchpin in a corporate merger that will save the faltering Prolabs from going under. But when Sula discovers the shocking truth about a lethal flaw in the drug, there’s no good way to spin the potential death of millions of consumers.

Karl Rudker, the company’s ruthless CEO, disagrees. To safeguard Prolabs’s bottom line–and his own place at the top–he’ll do whatever’s necessary to keep the facts about Nexapra’s dangerous side effects secret, even if it means putting an end to more than just Sula’s job. And when the only other person who can expose Rudker ends up murdered, Sula knows her boss is playing for keeps. But she also knows taking on her psychopathic superior is the only way to stop a fatal drug from flooding the market…and unleashing a wave of death.

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