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The Caveman Conspiracy by Bret Hurst


“If you love a good spy yarn where past chases and liaisons haunt and help a pulse-racing hunt, you won’t want to put down this adventure…” –Jeffrey Ulin, author of The Lord’s Tusks

Eddie Mason is done with the CIA, and he thought he’d made it clear that he never wants to work with them again.

So, when his former boss, Craig Black, shows up out of nowhere with a story about Senator Sam Hawthorne’s suspicious meeting with a shadowy underworld figure, he wants no part of it. It’s only when he’s told that the job involves Loren Malen, another former agent, that he reluctantly agrees to help.

After years of wondering where she’d ended up and if the spark between them was real or just the result of dangerous circumstances, he hopes this job just might give him the opportunity to find out. When Hawthorne suddenly plans a secretive sailing trip into the Caribbean, the Agency’s suspicions are heightened, and Craig insists he take Eddie along for protection.

Meanwhile, Loren follows the senator’s shady associate to the Dominican Republic in an attempt to unravel the mystery from that end. Neither mission turns out to be as simple as they anticipated, and Eddie and Loren are pulled into a dangerous conspiracy deeper than they could have ever imagined.

Genre: Thrillers and Suspense
#Action #Espionage