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Beset: The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of Crisis by L. D. Bullen

Beset: The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of Crisisby L. D. Bullen


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“A memoir with a difference, I laughed and cried throughout this book…”
“One of the most honest books you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading…”

The father of an autistic boy embarks on an incredible journey following a slide into emotional and financial crisis.
As problems mount, internal chaos grows and his young son’s autism worsens, Lee realises that he is his own worst enemy and begins to unearth the true meaning to his life…
Set during the Global Financial Crisis, this stirring true story of a father overcoming his demons for the sake of his children will inspire anyone struggling through their own times of crisis.

Beset – A modern memoir about an enlightening journey of self discovery.

“99 percent of this story is true, one percent is outrageous liberty-taking. Although I may only be 99 percent telling the truth when I say that, I only really remember one percent of what happened.” – Lee Daniel Bullen

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The Dual Path: An Earth To Stars Adventure by AnnaMariah Nau

The Dual Path: An Earth To Stars Adventureby AnnaMariah Nau


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What would you do if your eccentric, possibly magical aunt invited you to learn to “live the world”? Would you accept even if you had no idea what she meant? Twelve-year-old Zelia said, “Yes!” And the magic began.

When twelve-year-old Zelia agrees to spend the summer with her Aunt Joy, she hopes for a peaceful, not-too-boring vacation from her parents. But from the moment she sees her aunt dancing up the road in her kaleidoscopic dress, she realizes she’s in for an adventure.

Soon Zelia abandons everything she thought she knew about herself and the “real world” as she claims a new name, dives into a magical book, embarking on the dual path to discover her own surprising powers. They encounter mythical creatures, including a wise power bestowing unicorn. They meet talking animals and trees, learn to see fairies again, travel from the Earth to the stars right into a magic wand garden. As they journey, they gather a joyful, wise-cracking band of travelers and later call themselves The Crystalline Heart Family.

It’s not just the magical creatures that surprise her, however. She is fascinated to learn the true story about unicorns’ disappearance and discover that “pretend” creatures like Puff the Magic Dragon and the Purple People Eater are based on real interdimensional friendships.

It turns out there’s a logical science to the magical world. As Zemma masters its tools, she learns that her mind has no limits. Zelia learns how to fish by simply inviting her dinner into a net. And she flies with the help of an amazing bicycle created only for her. All the while, Aunt Joy offers her guidance as she challenges everything she ever believed – and finds out that becoming a woman means claiming her true gifts, learning to laugh, and embracing the impossible.

As they go on their way, Zelia and Aunt Joy help people and make powerful friends, but also see signs of a terrible curse stifling the world: the dead-eyed ones, the Unmakers. Clever and dangerous, these entities cast mind-dulling spells on whole towns, replacing delight and passion with drudgery and conformity.

Zelia must decide if she will return to the ordinary world or leap into the next with her new friends to join the fight for freedom and creativity.

The Dual Path is the first book in the Earth to the Stars Adventures series

The series is a playful and powerful journey designed to open readers’ hearts and minds aged ten and older. The story is inspired by the author’s years of exploration in transformative communities. Still, it will appeal to anyone with an awakened imagination and a desire to be completely, joyfully themselves.

Stay tuned as future adventures are still being dreamed.

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The Casanova Club Books 1-4 by Ali Parker

The Casanova Club Books 1-4by Ali Parker


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“”OMG!!! I loved this whole package; characters, concept, writing….everything!” — Amazon Reviewer

Twelve men. One month with each of them. A ring at the end or $1M. Who will she choose? One of them or the money?

Book 1: Piper
The Casanovas.
Twelve of the world’s most eligible bachelors are personally invited to take a seat on this exclusive, private match-making club. (Piper: Sharing is caring?)
The purpose? To find the perfect wife. Ten women are considered, but only one is chosen. Each of these men are after one lucky girl’s heart. Vetting these ladies is a year long event. Contests. Forms. Interviews. Demonstrations. Galas. (Piper: All of which I missed. Darn.)
The prize? One million dollars or a ring from the bachelor of her choice after the yearlong mutli-engagement period is over. Lady’s choice. (Piper: Show me the money.)
The problem? Me. I need cash more than anyone could possibly understand, and there’s no way in hell I’d ever be invited to woo twelve men for a chunk of change. (Piper: Good thing I know the coordinator.)
The promise? To save my family from losing their house, their business and their hope. All I need is a shot at the position. (Piper: Determination, haircare products and a strut like I own the place will do the rest.)
Piper: These boys are in for a treat. Maybe. Possibly. What did I just get myself into?
The Casanova Club – Only one can win her heart.

Book 2: Joshua – The Artist
The journey has begun–in the frozen north.
All the way to Canada to meet my first Billionaire Bachelor.
Joshua Curtis. Dark hair. Beyond hot. An artist?

Book 3: Easton – The Quarterback
NFL superstar and playboy hottie.
Hunky. Abrasive. 100% alpha male.
But there’s something else lurking in those deep brown eyes of his. Something soft and warm, loving and dominant.

Book 4: Wyatt – The Rancher
There is nothing sexier than a good old Texas cowboy.
He’s tall, dark, and handsome, and it’s only a matter of days before I realize I’m in over my head with him.
He makes me feel like the world is at my fingertips–except it’s his world, not mine.

Note to the Reader: This is a completed 14 book sexy romantic comedy series. You’ll be following the journey of Piper, one funny, down-to-earth young woman, and her willingness to give up everything to save her family. The books are standalone in nature, but do have references to the books before as Piper will spend a month with each member of the 2019 Casanova Club. Enjoy. I did.

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Eat Your Words by Isabel Chiara

Eat Your Wordsby Isabel Chiara


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Giana Giovanni wants you to know you're not alone. If you've ever found your heart racing, fingers fumbling to rip open a bag of something crispy, salty, sticky or sweet; if you've ended one reckless night swearing off a corner store the way some attempt to swear off a bad romance, Giana wants you to know, she's been there, too.

Eat Your Words outlines the history of a first-generation American Italian girl whose early curvaceous entry into womanhood and hearty appetite make for a complex-carb tale about the depth of our relationship with self-nourishment. Often self-derogatory, and certainly comedic, readers can fall in love with Giana as they relate to her often awkward and outlandish process, simply trying to find herself in the land of milk and honey. Nearing her 6th decade, join Giana as she realizes it is never too late to gain a sense of self-compassion and confront issues of body-image, or attempt to modify outworn behaviors.

Particularly relevant for those involved in the healing arts, Giana's story will inform as it entertains, leaving the fortified reader one step closer to herself by its end.

What readers are saying about Eat Your Words…

"Warning: This book will get you to cancel your day's plans and turn your phone off."

"Eat Your Words paints a picture of what eating is like for many people in the world of fast living."

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