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365 Days by Ajme Williams


I’d made it impossible for anyone to shatter my heart after the day I caught my ex-fiancé in bed with my best friend… 


But then I meet James Dunsmore… the man who knows how to make the impossible possible. 


He hires me after my ex’s big betrayal and my family’s abandonment.  


In some strange way, that grumpy man in a perfect suit begins to feel like the only family I have. 

One that is extremely dysfunctional, of course. 


But the real dysfunction hasn’t even been revealed to me yet. 

My gorgeous boss has the brilliant idea to offer me a promotion. 

Great, I think – no more of that “assistant, grab me my shoes” BS. 


He wants to change my job title from “assistant” to “fake wife.” 

I am way too quick to nod and accept. 

I am also too quick to break the rules of that agreement and jump into his bed. 


And then, my crazy past knocks at the door while I stare at the two pink lines that can ruin my future forever. 

FML, there are two buns in the oven. 


A happily-ever-after is impossible, but like I said… 

James Dunsmore is the only man that knows how to make the impossible possible – for me and for our unborn twins.

Genre: Romance
#NewAdult #Steamy
Deal End Date: 2023-01-09