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A Brief Guide to Selling Your Business with Minimum Stress at Maximum Price by Richard Mowrey


How to Sell Your Business on Your Terms, at Your Price … When You are Ready
Most business owners delay thinking about the sale of their business and wait too long to prepare for what may be the biggest deal of their life. Successfully closing the sale of a business without a clear understanding of how the process should work and who should be involved can be a challenge—but acquainting yourself with some of the basics will go a long way toward achieving a very bright financial future for you and your family.

Selling a business at the right time and at the best price to assure you realize your dreams requires important transactional know-how. And that is exactly what you will find in this well-organized book written by noted business valuation and ownership transfer expert, Richard Mowrey.

USA bestselling author, Richard Mowrey gives you the answers to seven important questions:

“When should I sell my business?”
“Will the sale proceeds fully fund my dream future?”
“How do I locate a qualified buyer?”
“After I find a buyer, what problems will I face?”
“How do I set a price for my company?”
“Who should handle the deal negotiations?”
“Am I really ready to step away from my business?”
A Brief Guide to Selling Your Business provides crucial knowledge to add to and complement your business expertise. Actions, based on this new awareness, will start you on a successful journey toward completing a sale of your business with less stress and at the maximum potential price. A clear picture of the business sale process and the initial steps that get better results are provided in this easy-to-read book. Each page is packed with foundational materials you can use to build out your plan for the “someday” sale of your business.

There is no substitute for gaining useable information in this critical area of business ownership. Mowrey lays out practical information any owner can employ to better prepare for and manage the sale of their business.

The answers to the seven key questions most business owners have provides a framework for how to achieve the best results with the fewest possible surprises. By familiarizing yourself with the activities, the procedures, and the problems you will encounter when you decide to sell your business, you will drastically improve your chances of achieving your pricing goal on your terms.

Mowrey wrote A Brief Guide to Selling Your Business to help business owners take the important first steps toward an eventual ownership transfer with confidence. This confidence and measure of comfort comes from an understanding of both the process and the players.

The answers will add enormous value as you develop your plans to sell your business. In this brief guide, readers are introduced to the considerations required to successfully sell any business.

A Brief Guide to Selling Your Business is the must-have information reference for anyone who does not want to be overwhelmed by the thought of selling their business. Learn what the mos

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