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A Storm of Vibrant Light: A Fantasy Novella by Addison Smith


In a world where color is life, a city underground spurns the light, choosing to live in desolate gray.

Ashamed and afraid of the gray auras she sees around her people, Fela, a traveler who thrives on the colors of the sky and hoards the bright of day, comes upon a city where color is not permitted. The enclosed city intrigues her, leading her to watch its people and find something beneath its windows that cannot be–a girl with an aura like an iridescent storm.

Fela doesn’t know what the auras mean, but she knows the girl is important to her, and she ventures into the city of gray to find her. If she is going to survive the lifeless city and find the strange girl below, Fela will need to get past the city’s governor and his strange guards who protect the city with the very color they spurn.

A fantasy of high adventure where magic is strong and love is stronger.

Genre: Fantasy
#Adventure #LGBTQ+
Deal End Date: 2024-06-28