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America In Prophecy: The Prophetic Rise of Rome by Craig Crawford


Q. “Where is America in Bible Prophecy?”

This book will present the case that America does have a clear prophetic destiny.

On our incredible journey to unravel the mystery behind this statement, we will discover things that may seem surprising … and even startling!!

We will find America’s future is the result of one of the most intriguing (and staggering) prophecies found in the Bible.

The Bible warns that sometime after Israel would again become a nation (1948) with Jerusalem reunited as its capital (1967), another ancient power would quickly begin to rise.

We are told the powers hidden behind this coming world Superpower (prophetically called the “Beast”) will be secretive, shadowy, subtle … and will use great lies and deception to cover their true intent.

Like a snare, we are warned America will be taken by surprise when this fearful “Beast” suddenly strikes to seize its prey.

We will also find America’s prophetic destiny is not only clear … but, it is imminent!!

“Search from the Book of the LORD,
and read:
Not one of these (prophecies) shall fail;
Not one shall lack her mate.”
(Isaiah 34:16)

Genre: Thrillers and Suspense
#Suspense #Thriller
Deal End Date: 2024-07-02