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Argren Blue by Ross Hightower


When Alar joined the resistance, he dreamed of throwing the imperial oppressors out of Argren. But as the inexperienced rebels reel from one disaster to another, Alar wonders if the Empire notices them at all. Until the day he discovers he has powers not seen since the great heroes of the past.

As he explores his newfound abilities, an imperial witch appears to ask the rebels to rescue prisoners from an Inquisition prison. The plan is crazy, but the rebels have been riding the ragged edge of crazy for years. Though their surprising success revives their dreams, they may come to regret drawing the Empire’s attention.

When a powerful inquisitor sends novice Harold Wolfe to root out the nascent rebel group, Harold has to wonder why. As a half-breed, Wolfe, is persecuted for his humble origins. By the time he discovers the trap, it’s too late to escape the tangled web involving the rebels, a mysterious assassin, a corrupt imperial governor, and foreign mercenaries, all vying for a cache of priceless art.

While Harold looks for a way out, Alar and the rebels fight for their land, their people, and their freedom.

Genre: Fantasy
Deal End Date: 2024-05-08