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Bad Boss: A Standalone Friends With Benefits Office Romance by Maya Alden


Love Wasn’t in the Job Description…Neither Were the Secrets.

Mateo Silva has always guarded his heart, believing love is a myth. Shaped by foster homes, he’s found solace in a makeshift family of friends—and has no plans to jeopardize that bond. Enter Raya Hansen: a friend and employee…and the one entanglement he never saw coming.

Mateo convinces himself he can have it all—sizzling passion without the strings, keeping office hours clean and nights wild. For Raya, whose heart has secretly pined for Mateo for years, this dance of desire feels like her only shot.

But passion has its price. As Raya’s heartstrings pull tighter, Mateo’s dalliances weigh heavy. When Raya walks away from him and her job, Mateo’s left grappling with a void bigger than he anticipated.

The challenge? Winning Raya back isn’t just about reigniting flames. When shadows from her past resurface, Mateo realizes it’s not just love he’s fighting for, but her very soul.

Genre: Erotica Romance Romance
#Erotica #Steamy
Deal End Date: 2023-12-18