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Bite Your Thumb at Me by Vykky La Vecchia


Historical fencing expert Silvia Amichi is searching for more adventure than her life as a massage therapist provides.
Her silent plea is answered in both her professional and personal life.

At a Renaissance event a man disparages her fighting ability, so she does what any self-respecting twenty-first-century-female would do: challenges him to a duel.

Meanwhile a client offers her a traveling position in his company.

Little did she know that these unexpected events would be her ticket into the unveiling of a realm of monsters. This newfound world she once believed to be only myths and legends is fraught with deception and violence.
If she wants to survive Silvia will need to use not only her physical but mental skills as an artist of defense.

Embark on an enthralling journey alongside Silvia as she uses all of her skills to survive in a world where Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Three Musketeers collide!

Genre: Fantasy
Deal End Date: 2023-08-25