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Black Emerald by Reut Barak


dark magic ♥ epic love ♥ college romance ♥ time travel
Black Emerald and other stories:

Black Emerald
When a magically-cursed amulet overpowers her, how will a fairy queen choose: slavery or death?

Vivienne would do anything for a place among other fairies, even agree to an arranged marriage. But when a wedding gift―a magical amulet―starts to control her actions, the fairy is desperate to stop the mage who is behind it. Can she save herself and the man she’s come to love, before she faces a fate worse than death?

Forgotten Magic

How many fairies need to die before Excalibur can be destroyed?

Kim is desperate for some time off after getting stuck for two and a half years in medieval times. Seth can’t wait for some quality time together, after nearly losing her when they were there; and the scars from the past are still raw. But when Excalibur is discovered by their enemies, and the two college students take on one more fight, will Kim’s magic and Seth’s skill with the blade be enough to stop the sword from falling into the wrong hands?


2 Excerpts from Forbidden Road

Genre: Romance Fantasy
#Paranormal #Urban
Deal End Date: 2024-03-21