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Chivalry Will Get You Dead by Ed Robins


“All I wanted was to drink until I couldn’t remember Madelyn anymore, but a former detective can’t just ignore a murdered dame in his compartment. Our ancestors were sent on this multigenerational voyage aboard the Starship Australis with the noble intent of one day populating a new planet with the human species. Guess nothing changes our nature, though. There’s gonna be good people; there’s gonna be bad people. One day I’ll figure out which one I am, I suppose.”

Inspired by the grit of Mickey Spillane and the concision of Elmore Leonard, Chivalry Will Get You Dead is a sci-fi / mystery mash-up devised in the best traditions of the dime store paperback. It is the first in the Starship Australis Mysteries series, itself part of the 10 Cent Universe – a genre-bending macrocosm.

This story contains adult themes and language.

Genre: Thrillers and Suspense