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Chronicles of Sword and Fang: Book 1 by Elizabeth R. Jensen


In a world where every day feels like a battle, one dream changes everything for Burchard Wolfensberger – a dream of a giant white wolf.
Things are going as well as can be expected for fourteen-year-old Burchard Wolfensberger and fellow squire Ruschmann Blackwell. Orders barked by their knightmasters. Unfortunate sentencings to the stocks. It’s just another day in the life of a squire.
Until… Burchard has a dream about a giant white wolf.
The vision comes with a warning. Something far worse than rebels is coming. Burchard is used to facing his fears alone. Can he find the courage to trust new allies and face their mutual enemy together? Or, will he stand alone against the storm of darkness racing straight for him?
Join Burchard as he confronts darkness and discovers the power of unity. Get your copy today and start this epic adventure where courage meets destiny.

Genre: Teen and Young Adult
#ComingofAge #Fantasy
Deal End Date: 2024-06-22