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Conscious Parenting Your ADHD Child by stacey yates sellar


This is unlike any other book about parenting ADHD! Click on “Look Inside” and you will immediately see why. In Conscious Parenting Your ADHD Child, I’ll be your trusty guide on this wild and wonderful journey of parenting a unique and amazing child with ADHD (which I have re-diagnosed as A. D.ear H.uman D.eveloping). We cover all those challenging behaviors that led you here: tantrums, refusals, sneaking, shouting, aggression, impulsivity, and even screen addiction and deliver real actionable tips you can use RIGHT NOW!

This small but mighty book isn’t your average parenting tome, oh no. We’ll be diving deep into the superpower of conscious parenting—a revolutionary how-to approach that’s all about shifting our perspective, embracing empathy, and nurturing our child’s authentic self.

With a focus on connection over correction, and growth over perfection, this book delivers the latest research and science but isn’t too academic, is light-hearted and easy to read but isn’t full of fluff. It clearly communicates everything you need to know, not simply what you already know.

From temper tantrums to triumphs, the book covers the wide emotional spectrum, ensuring you feel both understood and equipped. We made this book realistic, honest, and empowering!

Here’s what sets this book apart:

We aren’t afraid to challenge old beliefs and expectations that aren’t working for your family
We take a good look at what it means to have ADHD from the child’s point of view
We don’t hold back on what doesn’t work and then show you what does (using real life examples)
We make you do some discovery exercises (well we don’t actually come to your house and force you but we do give you so much pressure on the value that you know you need to do it if you want real change to happen. But you won’t be mad because they don’t take long and really work)
We make sure we alleviate all parent blame and guilt (you ARE a great parent if you are reading this!)
We explore the definitions of “happy” and “successful” (well if we’re going to use those as our end goals then we should be really clear on what they mean, don’t you think?)
We get real about other people’s judgments and how to respond (mostly nicely)
We go deep into the “screen” issue, why it’s such an issue and customizable solutions that come from inside the house, not just the textbook.
There is a special bonus section of “What to do When…” that offers real life scenarios; why they are challenging and how to handle them differently in the moment.
And so much more!

Even if you’ve doubted your ability to implement parenting strategies in the past, this book is designed to vest you with practical, easy-to-apply solutions that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Each chapter is crafted to address the real-world challenges you face, offering a roadmap to conscious parenting that celebrates your child’s unique gifts and paves the way for a brighter, healthier, less complicated, less stressful future.

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Genre: Non Fiction