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Crusader Gold by Dion Mayne


Young Saracen, Yasheed, breaks his oath to the Brothers of Order to save his father and himself from certain death at the gallows from the Crusaders, and sparks an adventure filed with daring, deceit, and opportunity.

The enigmatic French general, Pierre Favre and his charismatic colonel Bertrand Resolu, lead their former Crusaders on ransacking raids in a rebellion against the King of France.

With the Brothers of Order aghast at Favre’s actions, they send an odd pairing to seek revenge. But it is not only the Order in pursuit of the former Crusaders. King Philip II of France has become suspicious. He wants his wayward crusaders brought to justice, and more importantly, wants any treasures they may have acquired. The King commissions Delano the Butcher of Blois to use whatever means necessary to quell the ambitions of Favre’s newly formed Knights of Argos.

At a time in history when life was ruthless, Crusader Gold tells a story of commitment, passion and resilience. Intertwined with historical events, it is the final book in the “Gold” trilogy.

Boomerang Gold, Masquerade Gold, Crusader Gold, traverse more than five centuries. The books can be read as published or in chronological order.

Genre: Historical Fiction