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Curiosity Killed The Cobbler: A Zoe & Trudie Comedic Mystery (Zoe & Trudie Comedic Mysteries Book 1) by Susan O'Leary


Luck isn’t on the menu when San Francisco writer Zoe Lewellen ditches her charmed life and returns to her hometown of Four-Leaf Clover. First, she has to adjust to her new career of writing obits and cleaning bird cages. Then, she almost becomes roadkill, courtesy of Mr. Periwinkle, her landlady’s parrot. Finally, everything hits the skids when she discovers the town’s notorious gossip queen and cobbler baker dead on her landlady’s porch. The only clues are a half-eaten blueberry cobbler and a trail of crumbs.

When her quirky and sassy landlady, Trudie, becomes the prime suspect, Zoe gathers her wits to prove Trudie innocent. Fueled by an endless doughnut supply and too many suspects, Zoe and Trudie race to nail the killer before they wind up dead. In between solving the crime, Zoe must deal with her feelings for her crush, Travis, and the annual baking contest, where nobody can bake a decent cobbler. Except for the murder victim, that is.

Genre: Christian Fiction Mystery
Deal End Date: 2024-01-23