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Entangled Past by Palmer Jones


Everly Clarke is a loner, a title she very much
enjoys. Two years of being on her own means two years of avoiding any further
disappointment from her failed marriage. Two years of only relying on herself. The
reading of her estranged husband’s will is the final closure she needs to move

Until the day finally arrives.

Coming home to find her house burglarized and trashed was terrible
enough. Suddenly having her husband’s former bodyguard show up on her doorstep
makes it worse.

The bossy Englishman either doesn’t understand her desire to
be alone or doesn’t care. Even with muscles galore and an accent that definitely
ramps her attraction up another notch, admiring him from a distance is where it
ends. It’s not that she doesn’t want help. She just doesn’t want his help.

Until the bad guys return…for her.


Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-08-19