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Essential Oils for Healing: A Beginners Guide to Uses and Blends by Charmian Grove


Are you a beginner looking to delve into the world of essential oils as natural remedies? Are you eager to create your own blends and harness their therapeutic benefits?

Inside Essential Oils for Healing, you’ll discover:

● A comprehensive introduction to essential oils, including the basics you should know, the benefits, the scientific versus common names, and how to recognize quality essential oils.
● Safety considerations and precautions you should know before mixing your first blend.
● How to get started with blending, invest in the right resources, and prepare, dilute, and store them correctly.
● Strategies to help you avoid making mistakes, handle blending mishaps, and choose the right techniques.
● Simple recipe blends you can start producing right now to treat your ailments, integrate into your self-care routine, and use around every part of your home or workspace, no matter how inexperienced you think you are!

As you navigate each chapter, not only will you learn how to create the perfect blends for healing the most common ailments, including sleep issues, pain relief and emotional well-being, but you’ll also unpack the most common mistakes to avoid, and how to best utilize essential oils in your life for the best results.

Genre: Non Fiction
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Deal End Date: 2024-06-02