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Final Ruin: A Dark Supernatural Adventure by C.G. Harris


Uncover the thrilling finale of the Judas Files series with Final Ruin – where ancient relics, forbidden powers, and death are just another day at The Judas Agency.

In this explosive fifth and final installment, Alex finds herself struggling to manage a freshly reborn Gabe, who emerges from the Sulphur Pools with no memories and a fragile constitution. As she teeters on the brink of losing her patience, a dark secret surfaces, threatening to shatter their precarious partnership.

Meanwhile, Gabe faces a dire choice: defy the direct orders of Judas and embrace powers so menacing that neither Heaven nor Hell dares confront them, or obey and abandon the Earth to a terrifying fate. Trapped in a no-win scenario, Gabe’s decisions could dictate the balance of cosmic forces.

FInal Ruin delivers an exhilarating blend of wit, darkness, and relentless suspense. If you thrive on sharp-witted characters and high-stakes drama, this climactic end to this urban fantasy series will not disappoint. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding finale where every choice carries the weight of the world.

Ideal for fans of the Dresden Files. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable conclusion to the Judas Files.

Genre: Fantasy
#Paranormal #Urban