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Fun Things To Do In Retirement by Zander Reed


Do you often wonder how you’ll maintain a zest for life once you enter retirement?

After all these years of grinding, you have finally earned the prestigious title of “senior citizen,” which in society’s terms means free passes, cutting queues, and discounts to local hot spots and must-see attractions!

Back pain and bad knees aside, life after 65 can be one amazing story to write about!

Fun Things to Do In Retirement is a proactive guide that provides hundreds of ideas on how you can live on the edge without ending up in the Emergency Room.

It is the perfect “pocket concierge” if you are looking for the following:
Adventurous activities, like skydiving, backpacking, or going on unique travels, will get you out of the house and possibly on a plane or train to the next bucket list destination.
Local cultural escapades like attending food and music festivals or taking an art class so you can tantalize your taste buds, dance like it’s 1969, or evoke your inner Picasso!
A simple guide on how to embrace modern digital trends so you can stay connected, find like-minded communities, or even start your own e-commerce empire.
Ideas on how to stay fit and healthy during retirement, whether it is through yoga, walking, or running marathons.

This book caters to diverse physical, social, and financial needs and includes activities for introverts and extraverts, adrenaline junkies and yogis, as well as those who are on a budget—and those with a blank check.

Turn this book into your personal bucket list challenge, and be amazed at how much you are able to accomplish within a year!

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Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-10-08