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Hair of the Dog: Revenge of Deanie O’Banion by Jean Luntz


A roaring historical fantasy with seances and gangsters… 1920’s, Chicago, Gregory is an artistic soul whose life is music– playing sax and piano– or running fixed seances to amuse patrons. He’s never been involved with the illegal family business like his brother Harrison. But after a brush with death during a raid on his family’s speakeasy, the ghost of Gregory’s gang leader cousin transforms him. Gregory is now a genuine medium and has one chance to travel back in time to right some wrongs. In other words, cousin Deanie wants Gregory to wreak vengeance on the Italian gang run by arch rival Al Capone and save countless lives in the process. It’s no easy task, Gregory learns as he attempts to save his older brother from a grim fate, as well as protect star-crossed opposing gang members from being assassinated, free Margie from sexual slavery, and protect his beloved Irene and their families from financial ruin in the Great Depression. Only time will tell if he’ll be successful. It’s a Wonderful Life meets Romeo and Juliet during the late Prohibition gangster era. Will Gregory’s second chance prevent tragedy as well as achieve revenge for his cousin’s murder? Hair of the Dog features a traditional romance plus an mm gangster romance. It’s got time travel, seances, and plenty of atmosphere.

Genre: LGBTQ+ Fiction Fantasy
#LGBTQ #Urban
Deal End Date: 2023-11-07