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Healing Your Inner Child: Overcome Emotional Trauma, Set Boundaries, Practice Self-Love, and Find Inner Peace with 15 Powerful Exercises by Lila Hart


No One Ever Told You This…But Quit Reading Self-Help Books Before Looking Inward First. Because You’ve Been Beating Around The Bush Without Getting To The Root Cause—Your Wounded Inner Child

Feeling insecure? Low self-esteem? Losing your boundaries? You Are Not Alone. Take one step back to re-examine your childhood.

According to the CDC, more than 60% of U.S. adults have reported at least one childhood trauma incident before age 18.

The inner child is the aspect of your subconscious mind that has been collecting memories and messages long before it was equipped to process what was happening. In other words, your wounded inner child is frozen in time. Your inner child will continue acting out if the wounding is left unhealed.
What’s your childhood like?

Did you have someone step in for you when you needed it? Did your parents make you feel insecure, ashamed, or unworthy? Did you feel loved?
It’s not your fault that your childhood is less than perfect. In fact, No One’s Is.

The good news is you can reparent yourself. This book will liberate your wounded inner child by providing insightful research behind the inner child, empowering you to look back at your childhood stories, and laying out tools and techniques you can easily apply.
On top of that, it will help you MASSIVELY in your healing journey, whether you’re yet to find a great therapist, or have one you love, this book will act as the PERFECT companion on your journey.

With this guide by your side, you’ll discover…
• Exactly What ‘Inner Child’ Is In An Easy And Relatable Manner
• Your Authentic Self — It’s More Than Any Personality Quiz Can Tell You.
• How To Say Goodbye To Being Triggered And Feeling Confused
• 7 Simple Yet Wildly Effective Techniques To Foster Self-Refection – the first step to healing
• The True Definition of Trauma – Not What You Think You Know
• The Self-Sabotage Behaviors You’re Unaware Of – Your Inner Child Is Running The Show
• The #1 Mistake People Make In Their Healing Journey
• The Underrated Power Of Naming Your Complex Emotions
• The Hidden Benefits Of Reconnecting With Your Inner Child
• A Comprehensive Toolkit That Helps You Manage Waves Of Big Emotions – It’s More Than Just Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT)

And so much more

Although reading this book alone does not substitute for a professional therapist, it holds your hands step-by-step, guiding you through the maze of the healing journey. It is written in plain English, free from jargon and complex psychological theories.

Many books on the market fall short of presenting the solutions to the pain stored in our bodies. This book is DIFFERENT. It presents you with a comprehensive approach to healing.

You don’t need to remain broken; it is POSSIBLE to heal.

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