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Her : A love story by Marata Eros


A Lesbian Age Gap Romance Crime Drama Novel.

“Emotively moving – gripping and sensual…”

From New York Times and USA Todaybestseller Marata Eros, comes a powerful romantic thriller drenched in secrets, second chances and first awakenings. A Top 100 Lesbian/Bisexual and LGBTQ+ bestseller!

First there was Him.

He was my rock, my life’s navigator – my everything.

I shut my eyes for




When I wake there’s nothing but cold. Pebbled asphalt abrades my skin. The rain is cool on my flesh – washing the blood away; my husband’s death. The pregnancy he never knew about.

Then there was Her.

My savior is unrefined. Temperamental. Strong. Deliberate.

And… beautiful.

My husband is gone. I don’t want anyone to replace him. I don’t need anyone else.

Except Her.

Full-length novel. Dark subject matter.

Genre: LGBTQ+ Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-04-05