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Hospitality DNA by Dave Nitzel & Dave Domzalski


What makes hospitality industry award-winners different? What is it that they do so differently that it not only defies our industry norms but propels them to become a top 1%’er?

Read Hospitality DNA to learn how elite operators think and act in the bar and restaurant business! Hospitality DNA is a term widely used but not truly understood. It’s generally used to describe someone who seems to be a “natural” in our business as if they were born to it. But were they?

Must one have this talent in their genes or can it be learned to be successful? We believe it’s the latter. We interviewed award-winning operators from around the globe with the goal of discovering the keys to their success and translating that into something transformational for our audience.

The end result of our research was a successful discovery of the source and meaning behind Hospitality DNA, we call it the Hospitality HELIX. The HELIX is an acronym for the five major traits that our global award-winners have in common: Humble Nature, Explorer’s Pursuit, Lifetime Experience, Indomitable Spirit, and eXtraordinary Culture.

Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-04-11