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How to Heal Your Inner Child and Let Go of What Hurts You: Freeing Myself of Negativity by Saira P Khan


Do you frequently suffer from depressing moods?
Do you frequently reminisce about your childhood days, and find that the unpleasant things that you went through are causing you pain?
And do you sometimes feel like a cold dark shadow looms over you despite a warm sunny day?
I feel you. I understand you. I can relate to what you are going through. I have gone through all these and emerged stronger.
You are experiencing an Inner Child wound caused by Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE).
You can break out of this vicious cycle of pain and anguish. You can overcome. And you can emerge stronger, as I did. But, How?

This book is a collection of knowledge from different supportive minds specifically curated for you and ready to make you gain that power to re-assert your authority. You are the author of your life, and you deserve that authority.

What can this book empower you to achieve?
• Discover the genesis of your cycle of pain and anguish.
• Recognize the painful patterns imprinted deep within your subconscious mind that keep you in captivity.
• Appreciate how these mind patterns, recorded very early in your childhood, replay like a cinematographic reel.
• Understand how this reel replays in your mind’s background, thus recasting your ACE and hence making you subconsciously re-live your traumatizing childhood experiences as if they were just happening.
And by the power of this book, you will:
• Stop this replay loop and thus break out from the vicious cycle of pain and anguish.
• Author a new mind pattern devoid of harmful traumatic imprints.
• Cast a new refreshing, inspiring, and enjoyable tune of life to play the real you.
• Embark on a PATH to self-healing and recovery.
• Become a self-realized being.

It is time you ACT NOW!
This book gives an Action Program in the form of tools and exercises at key points in the book that you can action to help in your journey as well as offering an ACTION PROGRAM WORKBOOK for you which is also available on Amazon.
After successfully completing the Action Program, you will become:
• A newly EMPOWERED you capable of achieving your potential.
• A lighter you, able to SOAR to new heights of accomplishment.
• A positively minded OPTIMIST seeing the brighter side of life.
• A self-esteemed, self-confident, and FEARLESS you that is ready to face challenges head-on.

Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2024-01-31