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I Gave Up My Husband for Lent: Finding Hope by Breaking My Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships by Melissa J. Peters


It’s Time to Make YOU Your Priority

Are you the Yes Girl? The one who doesn’t know how to say no? The fixer in all your relationships? Have your boundaries become unrecognizable? Do you feel so empty you find yourself seeking something you can neither define nor find, and you just feel lost?

You’re not alone, sister.

In her book, I Gave Up My Husband for Lent, Melissa J. Peters invites you to settle into a front-row seat of her story. Walk with her through her journey of codependent relationships, watch her transformation, and learn from her lessons along the way as she struggles with being married to an alcoholic, faces disillusionment, seeks help through therapy, and finds hope by pursuing a deeper relationship with God.

Written with honesty and boldness, she shines light on the true problems in her relationships and how she broke free from brokenness, pain and exhaustion. She will guide you along a path of perspective, sharing how to look inside yourself and unpack WHY you do the things you do.

Within these pages, Melissa will explain how she found hope by breaking her cycle of unhealthy relationships.

Speak your truth. Take control of your life. And create fulfillment by believing in yourself and all of your capabilities.

Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2024-02-18