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Ignorant Bliss by Shana Kyle


Elora Deane is an immortal with centuries of life behind her, possessing psychic powers she rarely uses. For years, Elora has hidden her true nature, avoiding lasting connections to spare herself the heartache of repeatedly losing loved ones. Until she discovers the allure of vampires—undead beings offering enduring companionship. For the first time in forever, Elora experiences a different kind of eternity, free from the pain of goodbyes. But when she assists her mortal friend in a police investigation, her telepathic gift throws her headlong into the dangerous world of crime-solving. A malevolent vampire, fueled by sinister intentions, targets Elora, testing her resilience. Unprepared for the dangers within her trusted circle, she finds herself entangled in a web of deceit and betrayal. To make matters more complex, a charming vampire FBI Agent stirs emotions she thought long buried. With time slipping away, Elora must confront her abilities, face heartbreak, and gear up for a reckoning that will test the limits of her immortal soul. Will Elora lose everyone she loves in the process?

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Deal End Date: 2024-04-01