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Karin’s Cloak: The Mists of Cala by Robert Roth


Book 1 of ‘The Mists of Cala’
In a world where mages and magedoms govern across the vast realm, the few born with magic are trained to protect and serve the people from concealed dangers. A magical barrier called ‘Karin’s Cloak’ has separated the realm from the evil bound to the under-realm for over a thousand years, but the magic is weakening. A rebellion of wizards wielding dark under-magic is arising, and it could threaten the existence of the very seat of the council of wizards at Anvar Citadel.

While the lesser wizard Andaril seeks the cause of the weakening of Karin’s Cloak, plots are afoot within the realm as multiple factions scheme to rule by forming alliances and employing deceptions. With the help of a precocious mist fairy, and the min-warden of a minor village who failed his training to become a knight (and unknowingly bears a powerful sword), Andaril seeks to stop Karin’s Cloak from failing and protect the realm from a battle for supremacy he discovers is brewing.

This epic saga with many unique twists and turns is sure to intrigue those who enjoy classic high fantasy tales like The Lord of the Rings, The Sword of Shannara, The Sword of Truth, The Wheel of Time, and other similar Sword and Wizard books. Yet, the magic is refreshingly different and the reading flows easily from chapter to chapter.

Genre: Fantasy
Deal End Date: 2023-06-04