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Permission to Spend by Tom Wall


Eliminate fear from your retirement, minimize taxes, take control and gain Permission to Spend.

You will be afraid to spend. Millions of Americans are under-enjoying their retirement because they’re afraid of the “what-ifs” that could derail their best-laid plans. They’re afraid of what happens if they live too long, markets crash or they require expensive ongoing care that their plans cannot support. They’re afraid of running out of money at a time when doing so would be catastrophic. These people are victims of an industry that has been seduced by the sexiness of accumulating investments, with no regard for how to use them later in life. With a modern twist on a centuries-old strategy, this book will help you understand how to begin with the end in mind and set up your finances to maximize income during your lifetime, while ensuring your goals are protected.

In this guide to planning for retirement, Tom Wall provides the exact method to unlock your savings and maximize the fruits of your labor.

In Permission to Spend, you will learn
• How much you need to be saving to reach retirement
• Ways to optimize your savings and investments while avoiding excessive taxes
• Risks to your retirement and an understanding of safe withdrawal rates
• How to set up multiple sources of guaranteed income
• Strategies to maximize spending early in retirement, when you’re most capable of enjoying your money
• Opportunities to reduce your reliance on traditional banks
• What to look for when seeking an advisor
• Where to go next to design your ideal retirement and achieve Permission to Spend.

Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-01-19