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Pierre and the Rise of the Kitty Nation by Linda Metz


Complete with prison escapes, Halloween shenanigans, family reunions, a race of magical birds, and other exciting adventures, our story follows the heartwarming exploits of a cat named Pierre, who aims to give voice to kitties everywhere through his newly created “Kitty Nation.” Go on an emotional journey that’s sprinkled with humor, affection, risk, and rescue. Fall in love with a group of highly entertaining kitties who know the meaning of camaraderie and teamwork. Enjoy their budding relationship with the “Tweeties,” who aid the kitties and eventually depend on those same kitties for their own survival. Animal fiction never felt so believable as it does in “Pierre and the Rise of The Kitty Nation.” Narrated by the quirky and troubled “Tykie,” a kitty who uses his wit and dry humor to maintain his sanity, this family-friendly book is not just for cat lovers, but for anyone with an affinity for animal adventure.

Genre: Literary Fiction
Deal End Date: 2024-05-13