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Rome and Attila by Nick Holmes


“A skilled storyteller…Holmes presents a riveting account of Rome’s decline” Kirkus Reviews

Attila is a household name. But his true character and impact on the Roman Empire have always remained elusive. Until now.

In the first major work written about Attila in decades, Nick Holmes rewrites the story of Attila and Rome. Contrary to his brutal legend, Attila was a complex and captivating personality. A great warlord who despised ostentation, admired bravery and valued loyalty.

He led his steppe nomads further west than Genghis Khan or Tamerlane. He nearly destroyed the Roman Empire. But his vast ambition undid him. This book is a must read for those interested in Rome, the Huns and military history.

This is the third volume in Nick Holmes’ series on The Fall of the Roman Empire. The first volume, The Roman Revolution, covers the little known ‘crisis of the third century’ when barbarian invasions nearly destroyed classical Rome and led to a revolution in Roman government, the army and religion, including the extraordinary growth of Christianity. The second volume, The Fall of Rome, covers the barbarian invasions of the western half of the empire, culminating in the sack of Rome itself by the Goths in AD 410. Further volumes will continue Rome’s turbulent history, from its revival under the emperor Justinian to the rise of Islam, the beginnings of Byzantium and the dawn of the Middle Ages.

Genre: Non Fiction