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Rufus and Arnold by Ronnie Deaton


The account of the life of Arnold Deaton and his younger brother Rufus Deaton is fictionalized in detail but based on the facts told by Arnold and his brother ad many members of their families.
Arnold and Rufus grew up in Breathitt County, Kentucky, in the early 1900s, when the daily routine of their lives was based on the need to survive.
Seldom were there any times set aside for recreational purposes other than those when hunting and fishing for food was so necessary for survival that it grew into an enjoyable recreational activity for the family.
Arnold and Rufus passed down to their children that love of nature and the use of the outdoors so that all must remember their stories.
The humor, as well as the tragedies of their lives, have a place in the hearts of all of us who, to this day, still enjoy nature in a way that is so appreciated by each of us.
Having lived a greater portion of my life in the company of both pioneers gave me an insight into why these men were who they were.
The facts of their lives have been infused with detail meant to connect the reader with the daily activities of these two individuals as young boys, then later as adults trying to provide for their families.

Genre: Non Fiction
#History #Humor
Deal End Date: 2023-08-07