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Sapphire by JA Low


An unconventional love tested to its limits. 


Mateo is used to being in the spotlight. He craves it in everything he does … except when it comes to his love life – that is firmly in the closet. 


Tomas shuns the spotlight, the one he was born into. He wants nothing to do with it or his high-flying family who now reject him for his choice in love. 


But Tomas and Mateo’s carefully constructed lives are turned inside out when they discover a beautiful, battered woman on their doorstep. 


The woman with the sapphire eyes has no memory of who she is or how she got there. 


Can Tomas and Mateo help her remember who she is before she’s found by the men chasing her?

Genre: Romance
#RomanticSuspense #Steamy
Deal End Date: 2023-02-12