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Save Him: A Military Time Travel Thriller by William M. Hayes


Military scientist Rydel Scott has discovered time travel. He also believes he’s received a message from God. The message: go back in time and save Jesus Christ from being crucified.

When a secret mission involving one of his inventions goes horribly wrong, Rydel obsessively tries to learn what caused the system failure and, in doing so, stumbles upon a physics-bending ability to travel through time.

Overworked and massively sleep-deprived, Rydel believes he has received a message from God—save God’s son. And the man of science embarks on a world-changing quest to rescue Jesus. As he covers his tracks to journey back undetected, he neglects to factor in the consequences of a devastating butterfly effect. And he’s terrified to discover The Unit, a highly-trained team of elite soldiers, is hunting him down to stop him from making choices that could upend all of human history. Will The Unit find Rydel before he alters the past? And, if they find him, can some members of the elite force be persuaded to join Rydel on his mission to save Jesus Christ from the cross?

Genre: Science Fiction Thrillers and Suspense
Deal End Date: 2023-05-07