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TEN PROMISES by Manisha Punwani M.D.


The key to successful parenting is knowledge and that’s your POWER!!!

A must-read book: ‘Ten Promises – Intentions that shape Committed Parenting’, is authored by Manisha Punwani, M.D, an experienced and well accomplished Board Certified, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, practicing for the last 19 years. The book has been written after much research using actual anecdotes, as well as developmental, social and psychological theories to guide parents in their journey as co-parents and through their child’s preconception to adulthood. It is a blueprint for parents who are invested in elevating their parenting to new heights by committing to the ten promises described in this book.

‘Ten Promises’ is divided into twelve chapters. The first ten chapters each focus on a promise the parents make to their child, that promotes an authentic relationship with their child, through role modeling honesty, introspection and acceptance of themselves and the child. These promises directly impact the growth of their child and their relationship with the child. The last two chapters focus on the grief and loss parents experience when they have a child with higher needs whether physical, developmental, or psychological and on the diverse factors that influence parenting.

Parenting is a lifelong commitment. The journey is full of laughter, tears, disappointments, and growth. Parenting is riddled with questions parents ask of themselves and their child. Am I doing the best for my child? How do I balance autonomy with responsibility? How do I embrace the individuality of my child even if it defies my own belief system? Throughout this journey parents need validation, support, and resources. They must learn to be kind to themselves, each other, and the child. They must know when to seek help for themselves and the child.

If you are a parent or are considering starting a family, you’ve probably thought about these promises or some version of them, even if you haven’t spoken them aloud. They are intended as a constructive framework to help you understand and focus on the most essential aspects of parenting. These promises include aspects of parenting, co-parenting, advocacy and protection, structure and consistency, life skills and growth, secure attachments, holding, safety, autonomy, freedom, and responsibility. These promises not only facilitate the healthy development of the child, but also the growth of parents and the relationship between the parent and child.

‘Ten Promises – Intentions that Shape Committed Parenting’, is a book that will give you the permission as a parent to honor your strengths, overcome your challenges and co-parent well with your partner. This book has been written with compassion, respect, and deep understanding for parents and their constantly evolving journey.

It is also an excellent read for students and practicing clinicians in the field of child psychology/psychiatry to understand how parenting has changed over the years and how un

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