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The Banished Secret by Niranjan K


Caught in a battle he has no understanding of, can Aditya survive without his past memories?

Till the day someone shot an arrow at him, the worst things in Aditya’s life were having to deal with the too ebullient friends of his younger brother, Abhi, and to make polite chit chat to total strangers. But everything changes once that arrow hits his windshield.

Digging deeper into the provenance of the arrow, Aditya is faced with an ancient evil that seems to know him, but that he has no memory of. As the lines between friend and foe grow thin, can Aditya trust total strangers who claim to know him to save his and Abhi’s lives? Without the memories of his past lives, how can he deal with an enemy that doesn’t belong to their world?

The Banished Secret is a contemporary fantasy with a twin timeline and reincarnations. If you love protagonists who are caught in the midst of things they don’t understand, brotherhood, and friendship, you will love this tale.

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Genre: Fantasy
#Sword-Sorcery #Urban
Deal End Date: 2024-05-29