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The Blighter and the Bluestocking by Eliana Piers


Not even a bluestocking on the verge of scandal could invent a love like this.

When Lady Bridget is riding her newest invention through Hyde Park, the last thing on her mind is love. She has dedicated her life to science and improving the world around her. And she will settle for nothing less than complete freedom to do so, even if she remains unwed.

Arthur, the Duke of Whitewood, can’t help but notice the strange woman on the weird contraption gliding through the park. How improper! How scandalous! How utterly, annoyingly…intriguing. He has to warn her of the danger she’s putting herself into. Little does he know the danger she’s about to put his heart in.

Will Arthur’s arrogance trap him in convention? Or can Bridget break through his rigid beliefs about how to love a lady?

This is the first book in the steamy new regency series, The Ashbourne Legacy, that follows the seven brothers of Snow White.

Read this novelette if you like sweet and spicy easy reads with witty banter and lovable characters.

The Ashbourne Legacy:

The Blighter and the Bluestocking
The Scoundrel and the Scientist
The Virgin and the Vixen
The Rogue and the Rose
The Rake and the Writer
The Wastrel and the Wallflower
The Spy and the Spinster

Genre: Romance
#Historical #Regency
Deal End Date: 2024-05-09