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The Business of Dining: A Guide to Making a Five-Star Impression by Debbie Von Ahrens


Master the art of dining and leave a lasting impression.

This entertaining and educational guidebook will empower you to be a wonderful restaurant guest and world-class host.

Debbie von Ahrens shares her insider perspective-from serving at top New York City restaurants like One Fifth and Balthazar, to orchestrating unforgettable business dinners as an advertising executive. Entertaining and educational, this guide weaves anecdotes from both sides of the table, making it a delightful read for anyone passionate about dining.

You’ll discover:

• Confidence-Building Etiquette: From the moment you step into the restaurant, learn how to exude confidence and ensure comfort as both a guest and a host.

• Front of House (FOH) Mastery: Understand the pivotal role of FOH staff and how their expertise shapes your dining experience.

• Culinary Language: Decode food and wine pronunciations, demystify menu descriptions, and enhance your culinary vocabulary.

• Table Settings and Utensils: Illustrated guides reveal the art of table arrangement, proper utensil use, and stemware selection.

• Savvy Ordering: Navigate cocktail menus, choose dishes with finesse, and pair wines like a connoisseur.

• Host with Grace: Delve into in-depth tips on hosting memorable gatherings, from seating arrangements to gracious conversation.

• Tipping Etiquette: Considerations for tipping and how to express appreciation for exceptional service.

Remember, dining isn’t just about food—it’s about crafting lasting memories. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your social skills, impress clients, and succeed in every facet of life. Grab your copy of The Business of Dining today!

Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2024-06-18