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The Busy Lie: How to Calm Down, Take Back Your Life, and Enjoy Relationships by Sheila Robinson-Kiss


There’s no question we’re busy. Busy with what, though?
It’s time to look at what our busy state of being is costing us.
No one dares to challenge busy.

The busy lie is well protected and respected. Busy is the Rottweiler that guards the front door of our lives. Out of fear of an unprovoked attack, we stand down, throw our hands up, and back off for busy.

In the tradition of her other books; Getting Over it In Milwaukee, Stamina, The Stepping OffPoint, Joy Shows Up and They’re Not Coming, Sheila Robinson-Kiss, takes the reader of the Busy Lie on a uniquely curious journey that will empower you to elevate your life, open up more time to enjoy what matters, and answer key questions along the way:
Are the self-imposed rules that I have created in my life enabling
me to live a more spacious and enjoyable existence, or have I crafted an experience that feels confining?
Does the quality of my connections move the needle of my life toward positivity, balance, and peace? If not, am I willing to course, correct?
In the hustle and bustle of life, have I prioritized building a resilience plan that supports my well-being while helping me avoid derailments?
Unbusy yourself and accept a bold invitation to lean into an epic journey filled with refreshing insights to renew your life, mind, and relationships.

The Busy Lie will help you through any life transition, relationship challenges and it will help you reduce anxiety, and stress so you can have a more balanced life full of joy.

Sheila Robinson-Kiss, Msw,Lcsw /Author’s Biography:

An MSNBC, NBCLX, and Psychology Today contributing mental health expert, award-winning orator, and the author of five books, Sheila Robinson-Kiss, is a social entrepreneur focused on providing exceptional mental health education, on a grass roots, national, and global scale.

She is the founder of The Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative- a national mental health and wellness platform dedicated to educating organizations, groups, communities and individuals about self-health and resiliency models. Her works focuses on creating innovative goods, services, and programs that support sustained and balanced functioning across the lifespan.

She is a featured speaker with the elite A-Speakers International Speakers Bureau. As a consultant and program development expert with over 20 years of experience, through the use of modern resources, she has launched live and online, platform training programs that have reached over 600,000 individuals. She has earned distinction in the field of program design/development across multiple service industries.

Sheila Robinson-Kiss is the voice urging world communities to take responsibility for how you live, work, and feel. Sheila is on a mission to give people the tools to adapt to the fast-paced, distraction filled climate we live in and heal every aspect of their lives.

Sheila delivers inspiring and informative messages to organizations, corporations, and universities around the world.

Genre: Non Fiction