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The Doctor’s Twin Secrets by Sofia T Summers


I gave him my heart, but I couldn’t give him the truth. 

Curt got me pregnant years ago, and I never thought I’d see him again. 

Until he walked right into my hospital. 

My legs shook when I saw that gorgeous face again. 

I remembered those eyes all too well.

But the guilt in my heart forced me to look away. 

A second chance with this hot doctor would destroy me all over again. 

It would ruin my career, but it’s tempting. 

Especially when I feel his strong arms wrap around me. 

Revealing the truth comes at a huge cost. 

But a baby can’t remain a secret forever. 

Especially when I have another one on the way.

Genre: Romance
#NewAdult #Steamy
Deal End Date: 2023-04-16