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The Fist of the Ghost by Hemant Nayak


Would you summon the world’s worst monster if you needed him to protect the ones you love?’

In the dark alleys of Old Warsaw, Anatol is forced to make an impossible choice. In a world where monsters roam free, he finds himself running from a demonic threat like no other. But as the dangers mount, Anatol must decide whether to turn to the deadliest creature of all: the Ghost.

With his loved ones in danger, Anatol faces a harrowing quest for survival and redemption. Will he risk everything to summon the world’s worst monster? The answer lies within the pages of this thrilling tale of love, sacrifice, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

An absolute joy of a prequel novella where readers of The Path of the Ghost series can go back in time 30 years and relive the conflict-filled days with Anatol and the Ghost when it all began. If you love fantasy novels, urban fantasy, and series with amazing characters, you are going to love the FIST OF THE GHOST

Genre: Fantasy
Deal End Date: 2023-05-12