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The Last Famine by Elisa Cristallo


In 2080, world food shortages have led to famine, disease and horrific inequality. Food arriving in Sydney, Australia, is controlled by Blue Line Transport and Security, but it’s not enough to keep the city from starving.

Investigative journalist Ally Navarro is trying to expose the corruption that runs rampant in the food industry and recruits former Blue Line employee, Martin Ajen to help her. But a chance meeting with the brilliant and revered scientist Dr Ian Taylor makes her question her actions. Ally didn’t expect either of these remarkably different men to come into her life and she fears she will have to betray one of them.

Meanwhile, Nabil Karmi, a widowed father of six, never imagined he’d live in a world where he couldn’t feed his children, but they are on the cusp of starvation. When his youngest son falls ill, Nabil must decide who he can save.

And Mary Riggs, a single mother from Campbelltown, has packed up everything she owns to move to a highly religious compound in rural New South Wales. While food is plentiful Mary learns it comes at a great cost and she must cling to her sanity during her religious indoctrination.

Will these unlikely heroes find a way to end the food crisis or will they simply become casualties of The Last Famine?

Genre: Science Fiction
Deal End Date: 2024-04-29