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The Resistance by Daniel House


A missile strikes West Garden, school is canceled—and the fate of California lies in a ragtag group of gangs and kids…

13-year-old Elijah Samuel is haunted by one mistake: He did nothing to stop his brother’s bullies. Promising to never let that happen again, his focus is on taking down his middle school football rival, Valley… and keeping Gordon—the goblin-looking bully—from hurting his friends. These goals are quickly replaced when his hometown, West Garden, is attacked.

Leon Abel, leader of the Inferno Sanctum, has declared war on any country known to have Throngorian—a new metal discovered on Earth with uncovered scientific potential.

Elijah and his friends are evacuated to a safe haven and inadvertently become vital to the war effort while accidentally bringing three rival gang leaders together. Now, there is a chance to drive Leon Abel’s soldiers out, but will Elijah step in or will he do nothing?

Genre: Teen and Young Adult