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The Secret’s in the Soil by Jessie Kelias


You too can master the secrets of soil to grow healthy plants and bountiful, nutritious produce. Read on to find out how…

Tired of seeing your plants fail to survive in your garden?

Want to make sure that no matter what you grow, you always have a thriving garden in your backyard?

Did you check the soil of your garden to see whether it can support plants… or did you skip that part?

Yes, the very soil that you walk on and work with in your garden is key to your success as a gardener. Under your feet sits the key to giving life to your plants, and it’s far more than just dirt…

Home to beneficial microorganisms and packed densely with nutrients, soil is the perfect growing medium that acts as a personal nutritionist to the plants it supports, allowing them to thrive naturally.

It also provides the right structure for helping the roots to grow, and in turn, these supply the leaves with water and nutrients… giving way to a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables.

But when your soil is lacking in quality, or gets damaged due to certain gardening practices, it can no longer promote plant growth.

You’re in luck, though – your soil can be fixed. What’s the secret, you ask?

All you need to do is look within the soil and at the science behind it…

In this definitive guide to working with soil, you’ll discover:

  • Soil science, demystified and simplified – discover the microscopic secrets that give life to your garden
  • The natural structure of soil – find out what makes soil the perfect cocktail for supporting life
  • Why you should test your garden soil before planting (plus various DIY tests that you can easily perform on your own… without any special equipment)
  • Soil amendments 101 – fix your soil’s nutrient profile, structure, and quality by following these simple yet effective guidelines
  • The Why, How, and When of Fertilizers (including recommendations on what to use)
  • Practical soil-friendly gardening tips and practices that you can implement today
  • The ultimate mulching and composting guide – enrich your soil in an organic way, and make your own composts by following the step by step techniques included

    And much more.

    Soil health is intimately linked to plant health… and ultimately, to yours too. And because it supports life on so many levels, it’s essential to fix your soil – in a natural way – so that it can perform its role without damaging plants… All without using any harmful, synthetic chemicals.

    Isn’t science magical?

    Are you ready to use soil science to give a boost to your garden? Then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.


Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-02-06