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The Spiritual Misadventures of Dave The Rave by David Peter Swan Swan


The Spiritual Misadventures of Dave the Rave is a fantasy memoir that follows the travels of Dave as he tries all things spiritual to give up the booze.

Dave has partied too hard. He’s taken too many drugs and tried to end his life. Like all good children he heads back to the family home to reconsider his future.

He replaces ecstasy with cheap lager and ponders on his next high. An old hippy friend of his sends him a book on enlightenment and at last he has another fix to keep him focussed.

Dave dives into the world of alternative therapies and retreats hoping to escape his past and his habits but all he meets is the past.

Holotropic breathwork, Reiki Masters, silent walks through the Sahara Desert, all are tried in an attempt to attain enlightenment, but Dave has to resolve his past issues with his father and his addictions.

Does Dave find contentment on the spiritual path? Can he let go of his struggles and embrace the future?

This book is a light-hearted romp that uncovers the darker aspects of Dave’s life while traversing the spiritual path.

Genre: Non Fiction
#Humor #LifeStories
Deal End Date: 2023-10-15