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The Strange Story of Stanley Suspect (TransCrypted Book 1) by JC Compton


Stanley Suspect is not your ordinary paranormal investigator. Living alone in London with his three ghosts, this young transgender man who hates nothing more than Christmas and carolers can exorcise a poltergeist or have tea with your deceased relatives, but his life lacks something.

Tormented by dreams about his haunted childhood home and a murder that happened there, he is waiting for fortune or a great adventure to come knocking on his door and help him escape his fears – and debts. And it does, when a beautiful clockmaker succubus who committed a crime seeks his help. But as they flee to Scotland together and encounter strange and magical creatures, so does Stanley’s past catch up to him, and he discovers the crimes committed by him and his father, and his dark destiny.

Liar, crook, sweetheart, and always a child at heart, Stanley Suspect is coming out of the trans crypt to take you on a journey to the underworld and his upside-down reality, but can you really trust him? Between ghosts, demons, dangerous women, and the trickster fairy folk, you might just want to become the devil’s advocate to find your way through the mazes of the mind. For every path leads somewhere, even if not where you expected…

Genre: LGBTQ+ Fiction Fantasy
#LGBTQ #Urban
Deal End Date: 2023-12-24