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The Therapy by Tina Soctoy


Brutally groomed to be a weapon under their control, would she be the key to her own survival?

Every second of Tina Soctoy’s life was ruled by terror. Succumbing to the toll of constant abuse and merciless training, the abducted little girl’s sudden scarily realistic visions began to rattle her cruel captors. Demanding domination over her inexplicable gift, they subjected her to relentless psychological enslavement aimed at completely breaking her down.

Taught how to kill people with only a knife, Tina learned how to survive enemy assassins. But her growing mental abilities are starting to terrify even her cold-blooded handlers…

Can Tina escape the evil consuming her existence?

As Tina Soctoy recounts her nightmarish captivity in raw, unfiltered detail, her harrowing account of perseverance testifies to the remarkable power of the human spirit. And based on a true-life experience that defies the odds, this breathtaking story bears witness to the fact that darkness can be overcome.

The Therapy is the inspiring third book in the Memoir Series. If you like heroines with inner strength, thought-provoking perceptions, and emotion-fueled suspense, then you’ll love Tina Soctoy’s mind-expanding journey.

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