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This Mess is Making Me Stress! by Donna Barwald


Is your home driving you crazy with all the piles and papers? Is it impossible to find anything, let alone peace? Despite following Marie Kondo, does absolutely nothing spark joy?

If you are tired of feeling anxious, depressed, and embarrassed by how your home looks and functions, this book is for you.

This Mess Is Making Me Stress will:
Explain the link between clutter, stress, and mental health
Identify the wrong stuff hiding in your cabinets and closets
Train your decision-making muscles so you can declutter confidently
Show you how to create rooms that work and maximize storage
Give you practical step-by-step advice for maintaining “crap equilibrium”
Professional organizer Donna Barwald helps you work through negative emotions that derail you before you begin, and guides you through the levels of the organizing process so you can get started and keep going.

By creating a healthy habit of organizing, you and your home will be transformed. You will feel calmer and better about yourself and be proud to invite people over. Your home will feel peaceful, and you will have room to breathe.

Genre: Non Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-04-15