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Turn Key Condition by M.L. Ortega


Meet Maggie, a single mom, who moonlights with jobs involving ‘comb-over’ lawn care and wedding cakes named after fabrics. While cleaning a model home, she stumbles across a naked dead man with a donut over his genitals.Maggie’s trademark is her dark humor – a defense mechanism to cope with a traumatic event in her childhood. Her unflappability starts to unravel as she begins to suspect this murder was prompted by abuse. Is her own past coloring her suspicions or did someone in the dead man’s family exact revenge with their own touch of gallows humor? She’s determined to find out.The Conditions Series: Turn Key Condition, Shampoo & Condition, In Mint Condition”There’s more fun than malice in this domestic murder mystery; readers will enjoy not only the sleuthing but following Orange County single mom, Maggie, as she goes about doing the many odd jobs that it takes to keep her family of three sons afloat…A wide range of zany secondary characters circle around Maggie and the plot, each adding something whacky to the mix. The repartee between Maggie and Jane is genuinely funny and the entire production is…an appealing mystery comedy.” – Publishers Weekly Review

Genre: Mystery
Deal End Date: 2023-08-10