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uccessfully Telling Stories with Data by Elizabeth Jikiemi


Master Data-Driven Storytelling and Transform Your Skills in Just 30 Days, even if Numbers Baffle You – No Technical Hurdles, No Frustration!

Are you tired of unengaging data presentations that don’t convey the rich stories living within your data?

Eager to share powerful insights through unforgettable, impactful data narratives?

You’re not alone. A Harvard Business Review report shows 89% of professionals view data communication as a key skill, yet many still struggle with crafting compelling data stories.

Becoming a successful data storyteller is in fact, simpler than you think and you’re in the right place…

In Successfully Telling Stories with Data, you will discover:

●Over 100 Ready-to-Use Infographic Slides and Deck Templates for YOUR data story

● The critical role of context and audience in effective data storytelling.

● The psychology behind data consumption and how to deeply engage your audience.

● How to transform raw, dry, monotonous data into dynamic, jargon-free stories that inspire.

● Precision techniques and elements of effective storytelling to tailor your data story.

● Cheatsheets, step-by-step blueprints, and hands-on exercises using real-world examples.

● Harness design principles to elevate data visualizations across industries.

● Strategies to boost presentation confidence and make a lasting impression with data.

● Learn how to select effective chart types for your narrative using advanced techniques.

● Specific guides for data cleaning and preparation using visualization tools on any budget.

● Using color effectively in your data visualizations for maximum impact.

And much, much more!

Full of practical examples, case studies across industries and sample for your use, this book is perfect for any experience level, turning you into a data.

If you want to unlock the power of impactful data storytelling, then scroll up and buy now with 1-click!!

Genre: Non Fiction Teen and Young Adult